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True Villains - The Silly Quest for the Jaunty Dirk
Sebastian has his own video game! This silly little adventure is a puzzle-platformer in which you control Sebastian, alchemist extraordinaire, in his quest to retrieve his missing dagger. Aprox. playtime is 20-60 minutes. Make sure you turn your speakers on before opening the game!

- Speakers/Headphones. Not a requirement, but the game will feel very empty without the witty banter of Sebastian and Xaneth, both for the sake of tutorial, and also because it's fun. 
- Keyboard and Mouse. This is a WASD controlled game, with some mouse-clicking elements that are pivotal to the gameplay. A track pad works too, but it will be far more difficult. 
- Windows. Sorry, I'm an amateur game maker at best, so it's stuck on PC only!

Why a Video Game?
True Villains is near and dear to my heart, but my passion is for theatre. Originally, the hope was to have this game raise money for my theatre company so we could put on True Villains - The Musical again! Unfortunately, some plans fell through, and it doesn't seem like that would be possible. But the game exists now, and I'd still like to use it to raise money for the theatre, so that we can continue dreaming that dream, and maybe one day get True Villains on the stage again! Who knows, if we raise enough money, maybe we'll be able to do it sooner than we thought. For more information on this theatre company, check out www.aftershockentertainment.org.

Why Pay What you Want?
Again, this is a fundraiser - but I don't want to exclude anyone from playing the game due to lack of funds. Besides; this is a pretty mediocre game. Honestly, if you pay $1 for it, that may barely be worth the product, in spite of the time that went into it. Nonetheless, I do hope you enjoy, regardless of what you pay!

After you make a donation, please click the link to return to the Aftershock site to download the game.
Otherwise, you'll have to email us to get your download link.

If you have any questions, contact Joshua Kurtz at "tvgame@truevillains.com". Thanks so much!

Your donation will be to Aftershock Entertainment
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